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LASIK Research
Dr. Thompson designed a technique to improve the safety of LASIK surgery....

Research to Aid the Blind
Dr. Thompson performed research to aid in the design of a visual prosthesis for the blind...

Dr. Thompson shared insights on HealthWatch with Kelly Eckerman on KMBC-TV Channel 9 regarding an increased risk for developing eye disease for women and The Nurse's Health Study indicating an increased risk of glaucoma for those with diabetes...

Serving Our Country
Dr. Thompson presently serves in the Kansas Army National Guard and has provided eye care for our Soldiers at Fort Riley and Fort Hood...

Northwest Haiti Chrisitan Mission
In January 2005, Dr. Thompson traveled to help the blind in an impoverished, medically underserved region of the world...

Musician's Village Habitat Project
Dr. Thompson and Scott helped with construction of the Musican's Villlage in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina...

Join us for the Teri Tough 5K
Run/Walk to honor the memory of Teri Mathis Zenner, a Johnson County Social Worker who was killed while visiting a client and to support safety training for social service workers...

A Divine Run/Walk for SIDS was started by Dr. Kathy MacNaughton Hance, Dr. Kirk Hance, and Dr. Robert Thompson...


As we mature our lens hardens and yellows with age. The lens can develop irregularities that result in scattering of light that results in glare and halos around lights. This can decrease your vision. As these changes progress, individuals with cataracts may no longer see as well as they used to, even with glasses. At this point, it is time to think about cataract surgery.

There are things you can do to slow cataract progression and development. Dr. Thompson trained at Johns Hopkins where studies have shown that hats and sunglasses worn by the Chesapeake watermen can slow the development of cataracts. You can help reduce your risks of developing cataracts by protecting yourself from the the sun's ultraviolet rays by wearing a hat and/or sunglasses with UV protection.

Smoking can also speed cataract formation. Smoking has also been associated with an increased risk of macular degeneration, a debilitating disease that may results in loss of central vision and legal blindness.

Some forms of cataracts are more visually disabling than others. Some forms of cataracts progress more rapidly than others. Certain types of cataract progression may be treated changing the glasses prescription. For other types of cataracts, a change in the glasses does not result in visual improvement. Cataract surgery is considered when vision cannot be corrected with glasses and other disease process resulting in vision loss have been assessed.

Cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens in the eye and replacing it with a new clear lens. Invididuals undergoing cataract surgery do not require a hospital stay. The improved vision following cataract surgery can be remarkable and life changing. Dr. Thompson works with our patients to determine their visual needs to help them achieve the best possible vision following catarct surgery.

To learn more about cataracts and cataracts surgery, you can click here to visit the Mayo Clinic website.

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